This morning, I woke up shortly after 5. I came outside with my computer with the intent of catching up on blog posts. As I walked out, I saw four fishermen pulling in what appeared to be a heavy net. I asked about the net with my limited Creole vocabulary. I think the nonverbal said a lot. The message that I received said, “It’s not that much.”

Yet the four men used all their strength against the currents and the crashing waves to pull in the net. The entire time I was hoping the net had enough to feed them and their families for a day or even a meal as I negotiated in my head.

After about 45 minutes of pulling, the net finally made it to the shore. I watched the youngest man toss the sea urchins that were caught in the net back into the sea. The net had more more than 3 dozen small fish. He then scooped up the fish in his hand and placed them in a deep wicker basket.  Meanwhile, fish continued wiggling and jumping. It was about 2 dozen or so.

I thought to myself, everyday around the world we cast our nets wide. Some of us consistently get a whale, while others are content with a snapper. Today, as I watch these fishermen sort through their small fish I could not help but to examine the metaphorical and philosophical.

Notwithstanding, we must continue to cast our nets otherwise hope escapes. Within minutes of reloading the net on the boat the rowed away to try again to cast their net. I wish them well!

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