Today was our first “work day” in Haiti. We spent the first 24 hours gaining our equilibrium with our new environment and doing needs assessments with the people we came to serve. Our first mission was to build a wall around the Ecole Bon Samaritan Orphanage and School. The school and orphanage is currently exposed to the highway.

Photo by KAH – Ivon Alcime mixes cement for the wall.

It was an arduous task at best in the sweltering 90-degree midmorning and afternoon heat. The team formed a human conveyer belt to get 100 blocks from a truck closest to the wall. The same process was used to transport a series of large and small rocks, which were used to reinforce the wall’s foundation.

Photo by Justin Knight – Students form a human chain to get blocks closer to the work site.
The team sifted sand and mixed cement before laying the bricks. It was amazing to see what 30-plus pairs of hands can do when they work in concert.

In the morning, the task seemed daunting and even after lunch, it was a tough task. By late evening as the team concluded the day, there was a wall made possible by lots of sweat, perseverance, team work, fortitude and a genuine passion to help Haiti and especially Haiti’s children.