L-R Sam Darguin encourages Howard students and Haitian Americans Ted Joseph and Emanuela Cebert to be part of the change Haiti needs

On January 12, 2010, Sam Darguin was working in New York as a school counselor at an alternative high school. He saw the images of Haiti and decided to trade his shirt and tie for cargo shorts, a t-shirt and boots. The country of his birth needed him and he did not want to stand by and watch. He packed up, resigned from his “good job” according to family members who thought he was nuts for moving back to Port au Prince.

The 24-year-old immediately got to work following his arrival in May 2010. Darguin began with and internship. He currently heads the Haitian American Caucus, which includes a school, an orphanage and offers a range of public health services.  He stressed the importance of Haitians and members of the African Diaspora to be part of the solution. The graduate of Stony Brook University maintains that too few people of color are responding to the needs of Haiti. “When I facilitate volunteers from around the world, other Haitians view me as merely a driver or translator never as the director. There are too few of us Haitians helping to rebuild Haiti” Darguin said. In addition to lauding Howard’s participation and encourages others to follow suit. He has big dreams for Haiti.

Follow through March 18 for service activities led by Howard students, faculty and staff throughout Haiti.

Kerry-Ann Hamilton, media relations manager, is traveling with Howard University volunteers on their service mission to Haiti. Her blog “Howard Brings Hope to Haiti” chronicles the travels and work of more than two dozen students, faculty and staff during Alternative Spring Break 2011.