They were pretty hard to miss, some blue, some green, others gray, a few white and even tie-dyed. The shirts carried different messages a United Kingdom group’s shirt read “Shift Happens,” another shirt Hope for Haiti, 3 million meals, to address problems of hunger and “Three Angels” dedicated to issues affecting children and BGR’s shirt read “We are headed to Haiti, where are you going?”

We were told by locals that they are seeing a heavy increase in the number of volunteers who make the pilgrimage from all over the world to make a difference. The Howard group charged themselves to not make this a once-in-a-lifetime excursion, but building a partnership and be part of a sustainable solution for Haiti. So we cant judge the young lady in the [I plan to help the Haitian people] t-shirt who longed for a tan because she too, like many others will be transformed by the experience. So we judge not.

Follow through March 18 for service activities led by Howard students, faculty and staff throughout Haiti.

Kerry-Ann Hamilton, media relations manager, is traveling with Howard University volunteers on their service mission to Haiti. Her blog “Howard Brings Hope to Haiti” chronicles the travels and work of more than two dozen students, faculty and staff during Alternative Spring Break 2011.